Hi, I’m Mindy! I run Debt Free By 26.  My husband and I are on a mission – a mission to be 100% debt free by our 5 year anniversary!  I will be 25 then and he will be 26.  Can it be done?  We think so!

We were married in May of 2008 and had bought our home shortly before we got married. We knew from the beginning that we didn’t want to take our loan out for the entire 30 years that our mortgage was set for, but we didn’t know how quickly we could get it paid off.

I should mention, when we joined finances, neither of us had a lot of debt. We didn’t have credit card debt, or college debt; I had a car loan and that was it. (What was I thinking?! I should’ve never had a car loan!)

We started making some extra principal payments in September of ’08 – at first it was maybe an extra $50 here or there. But as we got our savings built up and got my car paid off and sold, we saw that we could add more money. Fast forward to today and thanks to our frugal living and being willing to “live like no one else so we can live like no one else”, as Dave Ramsey says, we have only about a year left to pay on our mortgage!

We love our house, but it just isn’t worth the $350,000 we would have paid by the end of the loan. We would have paid just as much in interest as we did for our house! And that wasn’t flying with us because we would rather have that money in our pockets.

We also don’t believe God wants us to use our resources to pay that much money in interest.  We could be doing much better things with that money – such as supporting kids through the Compassion program, donating money to our church, helping local families in need, donating to the local food bank, etc…  I also want to be free to stay at home with our kids if we are blessed with any.

This blog will be about frugal living, Christian living, and stories of how we are getting ourselves to the point where we will be debt free!


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